Does Anybody Still Shoot on Film?

Josh Brolin in Oldboy

Josh Brolin in Oldboy

The answer is yes. Spike Lee chose to use film for his remake of Oldboy. Apparently he wanted the movie to have “that analog feel”. The link below will take you to an article posted by the company that provided the cameras for Oldboy. It’s an interesting read, at least for those of us following the digital/analog discussion. In addition to talking with Lee about his reasons for choosing film, the author also spoke with cinematographer Sean Bobbitt. I didn’t realize that Bobbitt had also worked with director Steve McQueen on Shame and 12 Years a Slave, both visually stunning and both shot on film.

Yeah, I know digital is still the standard. I have no illusions about a revival of film. But it’s good to know that filmmakers still have a choice.

Spike Lee and Sean Bobbitt on Shooting Oldboy

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